One pot chicken chow mein recipe

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  • Yield: 5 Servings
  • Preparation Time: 30 Minutes


  • 1 tablespoon of canola oil
  • 2 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless and cut into cubes
  • 1 red bell pepper, seeds removed and chopped
  • 1 cup of sugar snap peas
  • 1½ cups of cabbage, shredded
  • 1 carrot, peeled and shredded
  • 1 teaspoon of garlic, minced
  • ½ teaspoons of ginger, minced
  • Dash of crushed red pepper flakes
  • 4 cups of low-sodium chicken broth
  • ½ cup of soy sauce
  • ¼ cup of hoisin sauce
  • 1 box of spaghettini
How to Make It
  1. In a pot set over medium to high heat, add in the chicken and canola oil. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes or until browned.
  2. Add in the chopped red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, shredded cabbage and shredded carrot. Stir well to mix. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes or until soft.
  3. Add in the minced garlic, minced ginger and crushed red pepper flakes. Stir well until evenly blended. Cook for an additional minute.
  4. Add in the low sodium chicken broth, soy sauce and hoisin sauce. Allow to come to a boil. Add in the spaghettini. Cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until soft.
  5. Remove from heat and serve immediately.

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