Layered crêpe cake

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Sweet Alchemy: Dessert MagicA very classic crêpe cake, known as a crepage in Italy, is a staple in most French pâtisseries. What makes this timeless classic so delicious is the precise 23 layers 12 layers of paper-thin crêpes and 11 layers of diplomat cream flirting with your fork as it slides down each meticulously placed, consecutive layer, not to mention the textural contrast between the chewy and the creamy. Most classical preparations use orange zest to give depth to the diplomat cream, but I like to use a bit of orange flower water for a fragrant, Mediterranean flair.

  • Yield: 12 Servings ONE 10-IN (25-CM) CRÊPE CAKE


  • 12 Paper-Thin Crêpes 10-in (25-cm)
  • 1 recipe Orange Flower Water Diplomat Cream
How to Make It
  1. This preparation is helped along by a 12-in (30-cm) cake board and a cake decorating turntable. Place the cake board onto the turntable and use a large binder clip to secure it in place. Set a crêpe in the center of the board, and use a #6 scoop to measure ¾ cup (180 ml) of diplomat cream onto the crêpe. Hold an offset spatula at an angle in the center of the cream and, with your other hand, turn the turntable, spreading the diplomat cream into an even layer until it just barely reaches the edge of the crêpe.
  2. Repeat 11 more times, and finish with a crêpe on top. You will have 12 layers of crêpe and 11 layers of diplomat cream, with a crêpe on the top and the bottom. Make sure to bring the diplomat cream all the way out to the edges of the crêpes, or the finished cake won’t look as inviting.
  3. Refrigerate for 2 hours before serving to ensure that the layers set. If preparing the night before, cover with plastic wrap once set.

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