New Potato Salad

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New Potato Salad with Fava Beans and MorelsThe season that gets me most excited about cooking is spring, when limited-edition produce first appears. In Oregon, the first new potatoes are dug at the same time we begin seeing morels and fava beans, and the combination of the three is absolutely lovely. The blush-colored potatoes that start the season barely have any skin at all, and they cook quickly into fluffy, soft clouds. This recipe will work with any kind of potato, but the first ones of the season are worth seeking out if you’re making this in the spring.
This dish is a beautiful way to use morels and fava beans when they’re briefly available, but it’s also delicious with just the spring onions and fennel. It’s the perfect recipe to use up all sorts of odds and ends: young garlic from the farmers’ market and leftover lemon confit are two smart additions. This is a quick side dish for a weeknight dinner of roasted Pan-Seared Pork Chops—the combination of vinegar and rich pork recalls classic German cuisine.



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