Ghost sugar cookies recipe

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These little ghosts are not spooky but friendly! They make a great gift for a Halloween school party and they look awesome when individually packaged and given as little treats! The ghost gets his fun shape from a tulip cookie cutter turned upside down and the candy eyes add a bit of personality that your kids will love!

  • Yield: 12 ghost sugar cookies


  • 1 batch Cookie Glaze Icing
  • 1 batch Sugar Cookies, cut out using a tulip cookie cutter
  • 24 candy eyes, found in craft stores
How to Make It
  1. Place your Cookie Glaze Icing in a cake-decorating bag with a 2 tip.
  2. To decorate your cookie, use your icing to outline two cookies at a time.
  3. Go back and fill in the first cookie and then repeat with the second cookie. I like to only do two cookies at a time so the gel dries nicely and doesn’t leave a ridge.
  4. Repeat with all remaining cookies.
  5. Allow cookies to dry for 2–3 hours. Place two eyes on each ghost cookie. The icing will still be tacky, so the eyes will stick well.
  6. Allow cookies to dry overnight or until icing has completely hardened.

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